Hermione Granger’s Wand

I made this prop for a cosplaying friend earlier this Spring, because we have plans to hit the convention scene as students from respective special schools where kids hone their supernatural powers to fight evil.


Muggle Materials

While the original, according to the Harry Potter wiki, is a 10¾” number made of vine wood with a dragon heartstring, I had to settle for a 10″ paintbrush, some string, and not even a vegetable substitute for the heartstring.  Who am I, Ollivander?

When I say “string,” I actually mean yarn.  My original plan was to make the “vine” details with clay, but my clay just didn’t want to work with me that day.  I settled for wrapping yarn around the length of the brush handle and mod-podging it in place.

As it dried, the yarn felt a bit like one of the many gifts my Grandma’s cat bestowed on my favorite rug in the prime of its ninth life.  When it properly dried, it felt and looked a lot better.



I … can … PAINT you now!

Then came painting.  You shouldn’t mix the perfect shade of light brown in the dark; otherwise, it looks like the pinkish-orangey special sauce people like to spread on their burgers.  That looks good on burgers, mind you, but not on Hermione’s wand.

Eventually, I found a bronzey brown paint in the depths of my crafting arsenal, and brushed that all over the gross-colored coat.  Altogether, it looked pretty good in the end!


Final thoughts

Overall, this turned out all right for a first attempt.  I’d love to make another wand sometime.  They’re way smaller than what I’m used to building, and did I mention the Harry Potter series seems to have an almost cult-like following?

Personally, I have my eye on a Snape wand.  The problem is, I’m out of old paintbrushes to sacrifice.

Then I discovered the highly addicting magic (no pun intended) of chopstick-and-hot-glue wands.  To think that for $10, one could buy a pack of 100 disposable chopstick pairs and go to town (specifically Hogsmead) is so highly tempting.