Give acceptance a chance

An attitude I’ve seen in multiple circles and movements (political, social, and religions) is: “Sure, believe whatever [totally harmless belief] you want to believe, but ultimately, I’m doing it the right way, and I’ll do whatever I can to show you my way so you’ll see things correctly in the end.”  This really bothers me.

Sure, this kind of outlook is far better than being threatened with death, expulsion, or societal rejection for not following someone else’s one-size-fits-all path, but I feel it’s still far from a healthy way to go about living and interacting with the rest of the world.

I know it’s out of love and concern most of the time, but I believe the best way to show love and support of someone they care about it accepting them as they are.

You don’t need to encourage them to follow a path you wouldn’t. But it’s none of your business to change how another person thinks, even if you feel it’s wrong for yourself. All I’m saying is, give acceptance – sincere acceptance – a chance.