My BH Cosmetics Purchases

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way, by BH Cosmetics or any other entity. The opinions you read below this point (and above it) are thusly mine alone.

I buy makeup about as often as I wear it.  The most product I’ll wear on those rare occasions is a clear lip gloss and some concealer under the eyes so nobody can guess how late I stayed up writing the night before. 😛  In general, I’m averse to buying makeup because a) it’s expensive; b) most of the products in my self-imposed price range are potentially cancerous; and c) the best quality, non-lethal products are particularly expensive.

The week before the next Comic Con event I was attending, I stumbled upon the BH Cosmetics website and was impressed with the quality of their products, especially compared to their prices.  Impulsively, I purchased a “nude” lipstick for $1.99 that I hoped won’t make my face too ashy, and a concealer set for $2.25 that I didn’t realize until later comes from their Studio Pro collection.

Additionally, at the time I ordered, BH Cosmetics was offering a freebie 16-color eye shadow palette called “Afternoon Rendezvous,” which I also added to the shopping bag.  My order came to $9.91, shipped, which didn’t seem too bad, considering that I’m getting three products out of the deal, not one sad bottle of goo that makes me look like a ghost. 😀

Now that they’ve arrived and I’ve used them for a short while, here are my thoughts on each product:

Creme Luxe Lipstick – Forever Nude

Screenshot-2017-9-13 Creme Luxe Lipstick BH Cosmetics

First off, I like the color.  As I mentioned earlier, I was worried that it wouldn’t be a good match for my complexion.  The general consensus from the (cosmetically uninformed) peanut gallery is that it’s very pale, but my ego thinks they’re just not used to these red/pink-less lip colors.  Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I believe that’s the case.

Texture-wise, I’m not yet sure what to think about this lipstick.  I was hoping to get my hands on a matte lipstick, but this only has a subtle sparkle to it. That’s not so bad.  However, if you have dry or chapped lips, it doesn’t look very good.

Sadly, the large blob of color at the bottom is merely a shade indicator, not additional product.  The stick itself seems pretty short, and considering how often I have to re-apply the lipstick, (as all traditional lipsticks tend to come off all too easily, I’m finding,) I’m not entirely sure how I feel.  But I haven’t used enough lipsticks to determine whether mine has a decent longevity for its price range.


Afternoon Rendezvous 16-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Each eyeshadow comes in a very small portion, and to my dismay, several of the colors I see myself using often are on the sparkly side, which wasn’t all that apparent in the pictures.  However, the colors look way more vibrant in real life than they do in the promotional pictures, and they showed up very nicely and vibrantly on my eyelids when I tried them on.

Personally, for everyday use, I am staying away from most of the glittery shadows.  The matte beige, orange, brown, and magenta are the ones I plan on using the most, in that order. I don’t like glittery, smokey eyes; that’s far too bold for me.  But the sparklier shadows might have their uses for cosplay.  For now, I’m enjoying playing with different natural-looking color combinations and trying to not make myself look like I have exotropia from blending them out asymmetrically.


Studio Pro Concealer – Light/Medium

Screenshot-2017-9-13 Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer Kit BH Cosmetics

This concealer is supposed very “buildable” in the sense that you can mix and layer different shades on your skin until you get the perfect shade and coverage.  (I’ve started learning a bit more about how different color correcting shades work. According to this article, the pinks and yellows included in my kit are ideal for dark circles and purpley hues from things like bruises, veins, and dark circles.)

It’s a neat product but ultimately, I’m disappointed with it.  I found it difficult to make opaque and it didn’t set very well.

On one hand, I like the convenience of being able to blend different colors for the perfect shade of concealer, but at my experience level, I’d much rather wing it on a single color in a tube and hope for the best.  Building and blending with this concealer kit takes far too much of my time.


Final thoughts

For such low prices, I am impressed by the quality of what I’ve purchased.  I also like that the majority of my purchases are cruelty free.  (That means the products weren’t tested on animals, but who/what are they being tested on, then, if at all?)  My concealer palette, for example, is also vegan.  This is probably a reflection on my lack of experience in buying makeup, especially blindly online, but my favorite product is the eyeshadow.  I think I can have the most fun with it.

My biggest quibble with BH Cosmetics is with their shipping.  Apparently, it takes 4-6 business days for an order to just process, and then when that finally happens, another 5-6 days for the package to actually ship.  I was hoping for a much shorter processing time; the shipping time on its own (without that fine print) is quite appealing.

I’ve heard some horror stories about BH Cosmetics shipping times, but it only took just under two weeks for my package to go from the west coast all the way to the east by first class postage.  Since I order cosplay accessories from overseas all the time, where I’m used to waiting up to a month, this really isn’t too bad!  I just hoped my makeup would’ve arrived in time for a convention I was attending, because I ordered it about a week in advance.

Would I buy from BH Cosmetics again?  Absolutely, but perhaps in a larger volume to get a little more mileage out of the shipping costs, since their inventory is so inexpensive.


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