*Oscar x Ruby Intensifies* RWBY: Volume 5, Episode 3 REVIEW ft. Harold

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Before anyone asks, “Allison, what’s with the bad joke revolving around a worse mistranslation?”, I feel like I should specify that I am not Allison. I am Harold, a.k.a the “Tumblr correspondent”, acting as a guest writer for this week’s review. Because she (the published author) has a lot of important things to get out of the way, while I (the non-published author) have… probably less things to get out of the way. This is important because we’ll probably have differing opinions on the aspects of the show, but there’ll be a review uploaded either way, so it’s not that big of a deal. Might even be enlightening to see a different perspective.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, this episode kicks off (after what is (at least in my opinion) the best intro of the series thus far) with the Belladonna family plus Sun.  Specifically Ghira, who is about to give a press conference-type event. According to myself, there was widespread internet fear over Ghira getting merked (that’s slang for “killed”, ladies and gents of sophistication), so things were a little intense when he stood up and began to talk. That being said… where was the security, and why was his entire family standing up there with him? I don’t know, something just struck me about it as unsafe/unprofessional.

But I digress.

Ghira proposes to protect Haven Academy, which is about as well received by the Faunus crowd as you’d expect.




This sentiment is voiced by Ilia, who yells out in dissent. Credit where credit is due, it’s cool how the flowery, vague, “progress takes time” language of Ghira’s seems to pale in comparison to Ilia’s cold fury and definitive statements.

“Blah blah vague promises politician-esque dialogue.”


Now, I’m of the personal opinion that the writing in RWBY is the weakest part of the show, ranging from half-decent to intolerable. So while I do praise the dialogue in this scene, and the effects it has, I can’t help but wonder how intentional it was. Because I think it’s highly likely that this was all accidental.

Anyways, Sun tries to apprehend Ilia, and she gets away, and the other member of the White Fang act like she’s evil and stuff!!1!


here he C O M E S

There might very well be more to this entire scene, but I was too busy waiting for an attempt on Ghira’s life to really delve deep into it. Honestly, I haven’t been so expectant of a gunshot during a speech since I watched Trump’s inauguration.


Editor’s note – Huzzah, a Trump reference! But I’ll let it slide as long as you don’t also say grenades that looks like apples are better than firearms. 😛

But anyways-

Our next stop is with team RNJR, and their reactions to Ozpin/Oscar, which are predictably zany. And it’s worth noting (at least according to Allison) that the pacing has reverted back to the “focus on more than one character per episode” thing – this episode, we see everyone except Yang. (WHERE IS SHE?)

As it would turn out, Oscar appears to be able to “switch” with Ozpin. It may sound weird to some of you, but as a writer who has a main character in a very similar “two souls, one body” scenario… it sounds just as weird to me. Since when could he do that? This is what I mean about the writing not… being… the greatest. ._. Credit must be given to the voice acting, though – Aaron Dismuke (Oscar) perfectly captured the vocal mannerisms of Shannon Mccormick’s Ozpin, and successfully conveyed the fact that Ozpin and Oscar are very different people – no small feat. (It’s also worth noting that there’s something very pleasing to my inner nerd about the fact that Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke (who voiced the Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist) are acting alongside one another again…

Anyways, Ozpin explains that he’s basically a timelord, and I have a question. Why does team RNJR, upon receiving proof that literal Gods are (or, at least, were) real, instead focus on defeating Salem? I mean, I get it – it’s kind of a priority – but… I don’t know. I just feel like they would have had more questions. Also, Salem must know about this. They’re both thousands of years old, basically locked in combat – she must know about his reincarnation schtick by this point, right?

Weiss also gets a storyline, which is nice (rhyme… unintentional). We’re also introduced to some new characters, which is… just what the show needed.

We have the bandit boys (busy cracking open a cold one), and a woman whom I assume is the Spring Maiden. Emphasis on assume, though I think it’s fairly rational. Don’t know how I feel about this “Vernal”, to be honest. I would rather have Sienna Khan as a more prominent character. Speaking of Khan, she’s, uh… still dead. Which sucks. (Quick notes on that, just because I CAN – I don’t think RT is racist for killing her off, I think it was a poor decision because she had a lot of potential as a character – a lot more than many other members of this cast.)

Editor’s note – Agreed. 😀

Anyways, brace yourselves – Winter isn’t coming. Turns out Ironwood’s blockade of Atlas (or whatever the heck he called it) included recalling Atlas troops from overseas. And I have since realised that Winter’s words in Weiss’ volume 5 trailer (“I’m not always going to be around to save you”) were foreshadowing. Noice. But yes, Weiss is on her own – forced to summon the White Knight (Chibi edition) to… actually I’m not sure what she’s planning. Guess we’ll have to find out next week.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as there’s also another RNJR segment in this episode before the final Weiss tease. Nora does the Will Smith pose, which kind of makes me like her even more, and Qrow plans on finding more huntsmen to help them – trustworthy individuals. Kind of sucks they specified that – I had hoped that the guy Yang punched would be one of said hunters. That could be cool. Do something to dismantle the image of all hunstmen/huntresses being perfect and lovable…? But no, I guess he’s a bandit.


Cinematic parallels.

We also receive promise of a T R A I N I N G   M O N T A G E, which should be good. Though I can’t help but wonder what Ren and Nora are supposed to focus on? Ozpin didn’t say… Also, that backflip was, as I believe people today say, “extra”.


*draw the squad*

Draw the squad. Or tag yourself. Whichever meme you prefer.


So, there we are. That’s the episode.

Final thoughts:



*Here lies the spot where I hit the “Sleep” button on my keyboard, and proceeded to
have a mini-heart attack


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