Who am I?

If you’re coming from Allison the Writer, welcome to my other blog.  I’m not going to stop blogging at the other one – nothing could be further from the truth.  Rather, I hope to continue maintaining both sites at the same time.  You may even see the occasional overlap between the two.

And if you’re completely new here, hi. 😀  My name’s Allison.  I’m a writer, a voice actor, and a bunch of other things that don’t get blogs of their own, hence the name of this website, Allison Does Other Things! 😛

Primarily, this blog is a showcase for content that doesn’t have a place in my writing blog or my Twitter page (getting my ideas to fit into 140-character posts is hard), such as:

  • Cosplaying
  • Graphic design
  • School stuff
  • Recipes
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • The Great Pumpkin

That said, you’ve been warned.  I’ll do my best to keep this site a happy place despite its seemingly ominous prospective subject matter.  Have fun!